Is your home winter-ready?  


As we tiptoe into autumn, we’ve already seen storms, flooding and fallen trees. It is far better to spend some time and effort now before the winter hits to fix any problems, as the financial benefits outweigh any inconvenience.  As the proverb goes, “A stitch in time saves nine!”

Here are just some of our top tips to help you:

Boiler service

When did you last have your boiler checked?  In the winter months, engineers can be booked solid and you don’t want to be suffering in a cold house on a freezing November evening!  It’s better to get your boiler checked now at the start of the autumn, so that any faults found can be rectified early.


One of the simplest, yet often neglected jobs, is cleaning your guttering. As the seasons change, leaves can start to build up in your gutters, so ensuring they’re clear, will prevent water damage to your property. While doing this, it is also advisable to check that your drainpipes and drains are in good working order.


The gales of this season can highlight issues on your roof.  Strong winds can remove or slip tiles; once this happens, water can seep in and cause greater problems.  If repairs are needed, get them carried out sooner rather than later, as the cost of neglect can be an unexpected financial burden that you don’t need as the festive season approaches.


There are good cracks and bad cracks. Many older properties have scars that add character and are in no way a sign of structural issues, but how do you know if a crack is a sign of deeper problems?  It is said that if you can fit a 10 pence piece sideways into the crack, you should seek professional advice.


Winds can play havoc with our gardens, and turn the most picturesque home into a haunted house.  Keep on top of your garden maintenance and try and add a few perennials, so that you have some colour all year round.


Damp can be caused by poor ventilation, or it can indicate a larger problem.  Always do a visual check of your property and feel your walls, so you can identify if there are any issues.  To stop tiny problems escalating, make sure you continue to ventilate your home as winter approaches.

If you want to achieve the highest price for your property, ensure that your home is ready for sale this autumn. For more advice, come and chat to a member of our team.

Published Date: Sep-22-2017