Love Trumps fear, especially in property

The shock defeat of Hillary Clinton for the US Presidency continues to be a ripe topic of conversation across the world, but not so much as the man that is now President-Elect, Donald Trump.  America has spoken, and the country seems more divided than ever as protests continue on the streets, and on social media.  People have been commenting about the similarities between this election and Brexit; although these two events are very different, we should take stock of project fear and the reality of the aftermath.

Pre-referendum we were told that we would instantly be thrown into a recession, that the pound would fall dramatically, and the property market would be in tatters.  There was a period of ‘pause’ post vote, but even though there is still a huge amount of uncertainly around Brexit – when will Article 50 be triggered? What will Brexit actually look like? – we all seem to have gone back to business as usual.

This sense of normality can also be felt in our local Hemel Hempstead property market, where we have seen an increase in properties coming onto the market as confidence returns.  Yet ‘project fear’ seems to be hovering again since the US Election – should we listen and be cautious, or not buy into the ‘what if’s?

The pound this week has risen by 4% against the dollar, and by 6% against the euro, with one analyst telling the BBC that “the US election has put concerns about Brexit ‘on the back burner’”.

Although the US have made Donald Trump one of the most powerful men in the world, it is not the end of life as we know it, or of the UK property market.  Whether you like or loathe him, his campaign has been filled with statements that have caused global offence.  Now, as each day sees him heading closer to the White House, we are seeing a softer approach, which makes you wonder what his Presidency will actually bring.

Let’s not forget that Reagan was deemed by the upper-class Washington types as a B-rated cowboy who was certainly not sophisticated enough to be the President of the United States of America.  Yet the Reagan Revolution, as it was known,` saw restoration of prosperity across the country and achieved ‘peace through strength’ abroad.

The point we are trying to make is that no one really knows what is going to happen, so don’t buy into the fear until we have seen the reality.  The truth is, one of the busiest seasons for buying and selling property is fast approaching.  January is a month of new beginnings, hopes, dreams, and moves. If you’re thinking of selling your home in 2017, you need to place your property on the market now to put yourself in a good position for the New Year.

Our love for property in the UK will always trump the fear.

At Squire Estates we can help you prepare, so that you and your property are in the best position to sell when we ring in the New Year.  We can ensure your sale is top trumps, call us now on 01442 233533.

Published Date: Nov-02-2016