Moving home in the festive period

Moving home in the festive period

Moving house is famously one of the most stressful events of a person’s life, when this is coupled with unpredictable UK weather and traffic, you’ll want to do all you can to reduce the stress levels leading up to moving day.

If you’ve booked in your move this month and want to get in before Christmas Day, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s still plenty of time to prepare and make the whole experience easier on yourself and your family.

8 Top Tips for moving house during the Christmas season.

1 – Plan ahead confirm your move date in advance so you have a realistic goal. Don’t leave it until the last minute I need to move before the 24th

2 – Book your removals company get a quote so you can book your preferred moving day this will also give you an incentive to get everything ready

3- Prepare for the worst expect there to be snow have salt ready for the drive and pathway is

4- Christmas shopping it’s time to get organised plan your Christmas shopping early to ease the workload ready to move

5- Bills, bills, bills to avoid the Christmas without electricity inform utility company that you’re moving and the move date

6- Children and pets keep the pet safe and secure in a separate room it is best just to see if family or friends can entertain your children for the day so they don’t get too anxious about moving process and leaving their old home

7- Keep valuables safe one of the biggest worry is in the movie safety of your valuables things like valuable documents and jewellery items

8- Change of address make sure you send out all the new information to family and friends as early as possible if you want to receive their Christmas cards.

Eight simple tips that can make moving house for Christmas a lot less stressful than you would expect

By planning ahead and being organised at this festive time you’ll have much more time to get excited about moving at Christmas.

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Published Date: Dec-05-2016