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If you want to sell your property, getting the price right at the outset is imperative. Price it too high and you’ll get a lukewarm reception when you hit the market and risk a down-valuation at survey. Price it too low and you could lose out in a rising market. Squire Estates know how to value properties accurately; we use feedback from buyers and surveyors and the experience gained from selling comparable properties to get it just right; our 5% fall through rate compared to the industry average of 30% speaks for itself.
Whether you’re planning to move because of a change of family circumstances, job relocation or the need to upsize or downsize, if you need an appraisal for probate or if you’re simply curious to know what your property is worth, we provide free valuations without obligation. We’ll even bring a complimentary bottle of bubbly!
If you’re an existing landlord or are thinking of becoming one, we are well placed to value your rental property in a fast moving market. Squire Estates is a long-established independent agent, offering unparalleled buy-to-let expertise and bespoke services tailored to the needs of our growing managed portfolio of over 450 properties, serviced entirely in-house from our prominent high street offices in Hemel Hempstead Old Town. Book your free no-obligation property valuation now! You just need to complete this short form which should take less then one minute, and we will contact you to make the arrangements.
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